Huacachina – 7 Best Things to Do in Peru’s Stunning Desert Oasis

Who says deserts are boring? Well, Huacachina is surely going to prove them wrong as it offers some of the best adventure and fun filled activities to do right with the natural beauty at its best. Once undertaken, you will be left asking for more.

Peru's Stunning Desert Oasis

Peru’s Stunning Desert Oasis

Peru is one a nation that houses some of the most wonderful historic marvels of ancient civilizations. The several places to visit in Peru make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations which are flocked by historians as well as adventure loving enthusiasts from different continents to rediscover the ancient human civilizations and live the wonders and mysteries of Peru. Be it Nazca lines or the great Machu Pichu, one thing is certain and is totally unarguable – Peru is one of those places that is going to take away your breath and snap off the ground below your feet. So you got to take one of the cheap flights to Peru and start the journey.
One of the many amazingly beautiful places to visit in Peru includes the Huacachina sand desert, which is like the hub for adventure junkies. So when it comes to the top things that you can do in the desert oasis of Huacachina, you can expect one hell of an adventure packed and adrenaline filled journey. Here are 7 of the best things to do in the deserts of Huacachina:
Go Sandboarding

Go Sandboarding

Go Sandboarding

One of the most popular activities that is preferred as well as enjoyed by the tourists here in Huacachina is Sandboarding. The waves of sand that are prevalent all over the year make it quite easy for the tourists to go sandboarding and enjoy the awesome rush.

Camp out overnight

When it comes to desert, one can never leave out the possibility of an amazing night out with friends or family. The overnight camp is organized by the locals managing the tourism here in Huacachina for the people to enjoy the night time and make the most of the brilliance that is showered over this place.

Dune buggy ride

Dune buggy ride
Another sand based activity that is going to get the adrenaline pumping right through your veins every second is the dune buggy riding. You can easily hop into a dune buggy which is mostly driven by an expert driver who can handle the terrains well. The rise and drops over the dunes is surely going to give you the kick of adventure you needed.

Watch the sunset over the deserts

sunset over the deserts
Well, if you happen to be a nature lover and spend hours ogling at the scenic beauty, watching over the sun go down into the huge sand dunes, is going to be a mesmerizing experience for you indeed.

Climb a dune at night

Spending the night in a confined space of the tent isn’t that great a fun. So why not go ahead and sprinkle a bit of fun? Climb a dune at night, reach at the top and you can lie down, watching the stars and moon in the serene dark open sky.

Relax and enjoy the heat
Well, if you are done with the activities or are just not in the mood, you can always just sit or lie down under the warm sun and relax your senses with a cool drink.

Take a solitude walk

Huacachinian deserts

Huacachinian deserts

Nothing beats walking alone through the ocean of sand, with the winds hitting your face. You can always go on taking more and more of the Huacachinian deserts.
Thus, if you are planning to spend their holidays in Peru, Huacachina should be among the top places that you intend to visit to make your trip filled with adventure and fun.

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