Enjoying the Wildlife Experience in Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Surge through the amazing wildlife at display in the untouched game reserves of Selous. Not just the game and wildlife, fun never stops coming through here due to the amazing activities you can undertake anytime.

Tanzania is a nation that has several tourist attractions. With almost 40 percent of the total land covered in conserved areas, the nation is home to 16 national parks, 29 game reserves as well as 40 controlled conservational areas. Not only this, the highest peak in the whole continent of Africa- Mount Kilimanjaro is also located here in Tanzania. Even though most of the tourist destinations are located in the northern part of the country, the nation registers more than a million tourists that visit and travel throughout the lands, exploring the nature as well as the unique culture. The Tanzania Tourism sector contributes more than 12% to the national economy, which is quite a proof that the nation is emerging to be one of the most visited nations in the continent after Egypt and South Africa. To promote the tourism even more, many cheap flights to Tanzania have been introduced as a part of the major promotion campaign.

Selous Gaming reserve

Selous Gaming reserve

The Selous Gaming reserve is one of the many gaming reserves here in the country, and happens to be the most popular wild life viewing points in the nation and the entire African continent. Not only this, it also happens to be the largest gaming reserves in the continent, giving it the title of the ‘hidden gem of Africa’. The beauty and natural serenity of the park is made up by the so called lifeblood rivers and lakes. Selous game reserve is the home to many animal species including wild dogs, buffaloes, African elephants, crocodiles, etc. Not to forget, it is also the home to the majestic African lion, that can be easily spotted in large prides. The game reserve is also the host to some amazing field activities and games that take place throughout the year, attracting thousands of game enthusiasts.
Selous WildLife

Selous WildLife

Selous is so vast that it is almost impossible to count its game and this is the reason why people love it so much. It is like the untouched hidden African wilderness, yet easily accessible from areas like Dar and Zanzibar. It has been claimed that once you visit this place, it is going to become the best Safari location you will ever visit in your lifetime. Not only the game counting and the viewing of wilderness, the sheer variety of activities that are taking place throughout all the seasons just make the Safari experience even more exciting and memorable. The boat safaris through Siwandu, Sand Rivers Selous and BehoBeo are to be looked forward to. Not only this, there are several experienced operators who run fly camping trips here which comprise of long walks and stays under the starry skies.
Selous Wild Life  Tour

Selous Wild Life Tour

July to October is the best time to be here in Selous Game Reserve, when the game begins to get better with passing time. Selous being home to some of the finest camps is truly an adventure filled place that you just can’t afford to miss. So if you are putting down a list for things to do in Tanzania when you get here, visit to the Selous Game Reserve is a must.

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